Rules & Regulation


Official school hours are from 8.00 am to 1.30 pm.

Second Saturdays, Sundays and the holidays declared by the State Govt. are holidays for school.



Full school uniform is compulsory on all working days, and should be strictly in accordance with the following pattern:

KG - Boys (Shirt & Shorts): Dark blue terry cotton shorts, Light blue checked half sleeve shirt, Navy blue socks, Black shoes and Black uniform belt.

Class 1-10 Boys (Shirt & Pant): Dark blue terry cotton pant, White stripped navy blue half sleeve shirt, Dark blue socks, Black shoes and Black uniform belt.

Senior Secondary Boys (Shirt & Pant):
Dark blue terry cotton pant, Sky blue half sleeve shirt, Dark blue socks, Black shoes and Black uniform belt.


KG - Girls (Frock):
Dark blue pinafore, Light blue checked half sleeve shirt, Dark blue socks, Black shoes and Black uniform belt.

Class 1 & 2 Girls (Frock):
Dark blue pinafore, White stripped navy blue half sleeve shirt, Dark blue socks, Black shoes and Black uniform belt.

Class 3 & 4 Girls (Churidar):
White-striped Navy blue churidar top, Dark blue bottom, Dark blue socks and Black shoes. Black coloured hijab is compulsory for muslim girls.

Class 5 - 10 Girls (Churidar):  White-striped navy blue churidar top, Dark blue bottom, Dark blue overcoat, Dark blue socks and Black shoes. Black coloured maftha is compulsory for muslim girls.

Senior Secondary Girls (Churidar):
Sky blue churidar top, Dark blue bottom, Dark blue overcoat, Dark blue socks and Black shoes. Black coloured maftha is compulsory for muslim girls.


Students who are unable to wear full uniform due to any genuine reason must produce to the class teacher a request from the parent /guardian mentioning the reason.

Shirt Buttons should not be kept open and the shirt should be tucked in properly.

Only the uniform belts provided by the school should be worn by the students. Belts should be worn tightly and visibly.

Low waist pants, churidar slits, tight and short dresses and oversized clothes are prohibited.

Hairstyle should be according to the norms of the school.Boys’ hair must be cut above the collar level. Fancy haircuts, inappropriate hair styling and colouring of hair are not permissible.

Nails should be trimmed weekly. Students are not allowed to grow their nails.

No jewellery or flowers should be worn by any student when he/she is in the school uniform.


The school begins at 8 am. Students must be inside their classrooms before the first bell. Latecomers will have to get written permission from the Principal or concerned Section Head.

Early going of pupils will be allowed only in unavoidable circumstances. The parent/guardian should get permission from the Principal for the early going of his/her child. Any verbal or written request from persons other than parents/guardians will not be entertained.

Students who are unable to attend the class due to illness or other genuine reasons should apply for leave to the class teacher, duly signed by the parent/guardian.

A student who has been continuously absent for 5 days, should produce a medical certificate. Continuous absence for 15 days without leave application will entail removal from the rolls.


Relevant books, neatly covered, should be brought to the school as per the timetable.

Students are expected to purchase all the prescribed text books and notebooks from the school store itself.

Students should not bring books, magazines and periodicals other than text books and notebooks to the school.


Strict SILENCE should be observed within the library, at the reading table and the premises.

Books, periodicals etc. shall not be misplaced from their position on the shelf or table or shall not be removed from the room.

The period of loan of books is 7 days.

Books, periodicals, manuscripts, maps etc. shall not be spoiled and no marks shall be made upon them. Any damage or loss will incur double the cost of the book.

When a book is issued to a reader he/she must point out to the librarian any defect/ damage noticed concerning the book; otherwise the presumption will be that the book was quite intact when issued.

Students must return all the books and materials issued by the library when leaving the school.


The classrooms, the school buildings and premises should be kept clean and tidy. Any destruction or defacing of School property including library books, laboratory equipment, furniture and fittings will not be tolerated and must be made good by those responsible. Damage caused even by accident should be reported to the school authorities.
Any damage done to interactive boards or LCD projectors in digital classrooms will be charged among the students of that concerned class.


Every student is responsible for the safe custody of his/her belongings.The School is not responsible for any loss and thefts of student’s property. Students should not bring large sums of money, ornaments and other valuables to School.


Discipline in every walk of life is the message of the school. Indiscipline will be nipped in the bud. Disciplinary action including dismissal will be resorted to if a student's conduct and character are found to be harmful to the good atmosphere and reputation of the school.

Immoral action, grave insubordination, disrespect and disobedience to the teachers and authorities, irregular attendance, habitual negligence, any kind of malpractices during the examinations, wilful damage to school properties or properties of others  and other reprehensible behaviour which will be injurious to the moral tone of the school, are sufficient reasons for dismissal.

The Principal will be the authority to take disciplinary action including dismissal of students.

No student should be seen loitering around during class hours.
Students should not go out of the campus without the permission of the Principal.

Strict silence and discipline must be observed on the premises of the prayer hall.

Students are not allowed to bring/use mobile phones or other electronic devices inside the campus. A fine of Rs 500/- will be charged if found violating.

Students are expected to use English as their medium of communication each other and with the teachers so as to enhance the English atmosphere in the School.


The School expects every student to maintain proper decorum and good behaviour at all times. Bad language, bullying and disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated. Students against whom there are repeated complaints, or who are unable or unwilling to benefit from the system of education are liable for suspension or expulsion.
Every student should endeavour to keep up the high reputation of the School by excelling in his/her conduct, good manner and deportment inside and outside the School.

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