¾    Use appropriate language.

¾    Provide and seek information

¾    Present your convictions considerately

¾    Listen with an open mind

¾    Resolve conflict peacefully.


¾    Tell the truth

¾    Keep your ward

¾    Respect each others’ property

¾    Follow through on commitments

¾    Demonstrate the courage to be yourself


¾    Treat others as you would like to be treated

¾    Practice courtesy in speech and manners

¾    Act with kindness toward others

¾    Take care of our environment

¾    Promote a safe and productive atmosphere


¾    Accept the consequences of your choices.

¾    Pursue your own learning and help others do the same.

¾    Make wise choices about personal health and safety

¾    Participate in building a strong DFES community

¾    Admit mistakes and learn from them.


¾    Explore to find meaning of concepts/ideas and connect it with real life.

¾    Spare for equanimity, contemplation and tranquility.

¾    Develop ability to cultivate positive attitude

¾    Dedicate to accomplish.


¾    Value others.

¾    Celebrate diversity

¾    Understand differing beliefs and behaviors.

¾    Reject actions that hurt or offend others.

¾    Practice forgiveness

Updated on: 17 Feb 2020