1. Student will be suspended from after school privileges of extra curricular activities.
  2. Student will be kept under long-term supervision of the school counselor.
  3. Student movement within the campus will be controlled and will be given an On-Card Terms(OCT). The student will have to get the signature of satisfaction from their subject teachers after every lesson taught and from home at the end of every day (before going to home) and on every Wednesday, has to get the signature from the counselor, VP/HOC and the Principal after the school hours. Discontinuation in getting the signatures of the people concerned will lead to the extension of the OTC.
  4. Student will not be granted the permission for any outing till the lasting satisfactory improvement in behavior is exhibited.
  5. Student may also be returned to their previous school after consultation with student’s parent, local guardians, relatives and the school heads of the recipient school.



  1. General classroom disruptions such as talking out repeatedly, distracting others, wasting time, gum chewing, not sitting where asked and any other minor infraction which detracts from your learning or that of others
  2. Display of disrespect to teachers or students
  3. Arriving late to class
  4. Not returning warnings of other required items.
  5. Being unprepared for class, not getting textbooks covered, and consistently not having necessary materials.
  6. Littering in and around the classroom
  7. Not returning for a teacher detainment
  8. Not doing home assignments
  9. Not wearing proper school uniform
  10. Any other situation which the teacher would prefer to handle separately.



  1. Vulgar, profane, obscene and abusive language
  2. Littering outside of a specific classroom or any school compound.
  3. Smoking or possession of tobacco products or related items.
  4. Fighting, other aggressive actions
  5. Possession or use of alcohol or a controlled substances or related items
  6. Possession of any dangerous weapon or implement
  7. Any act which imperils the safety of other students.
  8. Continued disrespect to adults or other students
  9. Theft or damage to school or personal property of others
  10. Continued failure of submitting home assignments
  11. Excessive tardiness or absences
  12. Possession of expensive items such as mobile phone, I –pot, boygame (if found, will be confiscated and will not be returned)
  13. Possession of excessive cash (More than Rs.500/-) (if found, will be confiscated and will not be returned)
  14. Bullying and threatening other students
  15. Skipping classes
  16. Forged signatures and disregard of general school rules.
  17. Continued failure of carrying out home duties.